“MAKING BUSINESS IN TEXAS” is the final event of the ” INVEST IN EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION. PIACENZA, THE PLACE “, a project of internationalization of the most innovative startups of the life sciences sector operating in the region.


U&O presented its plan to a board of international specialists:

Jeffrey Sheldon: Mr. Sheldon has over 30 years of leadership & management experience in business & product development, strategic planning, technology transfer, domestic & international negotiations, marketing, finance, engineering, operations, and start-up company formation & funding. throughout his career, Mr. Sheldon has been involved in the creation, evaluation, implementation or commercialization of high & biomedical technology.

John Kajander: Senior Business Executive with 40 years of professional, business management and leadership expertise. Experience in development of strategic business plans, merger and acquisition negotiations and execution, new program development, marketing, communications, development, administrative management and support.